Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ride to see the Acela

As a fan of big fast things I figured it would be a neat thing to combine a bike ride down past Morrisville on the canal trail to see these big suckers fly by. For those that are wondering the "Acela" goes from Boston to Washington, DC and is the fastest train in the US and can go upwards of 140mph on certain stretches of track.
From Morrisville the canal trail breaks up here and there but if you just go around the break it starts up just fine. Just about 2 miles south of Morrisville the train seems to dead end at a junction of train tracks. The track that the Acela runs on is to the left and about a 10 yard walk down to the tracks.
1st a woosh then a rush then its by you and you're stairing at tail end of this rocket ship of a train - quite impressive. Tried to take some pictures but the darn thing was too fast, I'll try next time. I want to go for a ride some time!

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