Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Harry's Courier Times response to anti bicycle letter

It’s quite distressing that anyone (Mrs. Abrams in a previous letter to the editor) would feel animnonisity to someone simply because they are riding a bicycle. Perhaps Mrs Abrams in miss-informed. A bicyclist has the same rights to the roads and is committed to following the same rules and regulations as a car by law. Simply put, bicyclists have the same rights to the road but should stop at lights and stop signs, ride as safely to the right as possible, simple common sense. Yes there are some cyclists that act like idiots but aren’t some motorists guilty as well?

Ironically Bucks County roads that were designed for horse and buggy years ago are at capacity with lots of huge cars and trucks witch makes it sketchy for everyone, all the more reason to drive or ride cautiously. As an avid cyclist I have changed the roads I ride on because of this fact but occasionally must ride on a busy road to get where I got to go. All I ask if I’m ahead of you please slow down and pass when safe with caution, it literally will take seconds in most cases!

Here’s an idea, pretend that that bicycle rider member of your own family, wouldn’t you treat them differently?